Jacob Curnow is currently running for the Federal Chamber of Congress, called the House of Representatives, in Florida's District 13 against incumbent Congressman and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Mr. Curnow is:


-Pro Second Amendment

-Pro-Law Enforcement

-Pro United States Constitution

About Jacob

            Jacob has been residing in, or in close proximity to, Florida's District 13 for over 30 years, which is nearly the equivalent of Jacob's entire existence on the face of planet Earth. He is acquainted with the lay of the land, political landscape, business environment, sports scene, as well as the diverse nature of Florida District 13's people. As a Trump supporting Republican, Mr. Curnow is also fully aware of the fact that the Great State of Florida has a diverse network of Democrats and Independents, and when elected to Congress, Jacob is fully prepared to govern on behalf of ALL citizens in District 13 completely irrespective of political affiliation.